The Greatness Of Strength | Mastery Order

2021.10.25 09:39 MasteryOrder The Greatness Of Strength | Mastery Order

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2021.10.25 09:39 animalonplanet Mood summed up… 😂

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2021.10.25 09:39 Patrick_star12345 starter pack

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2021.10.25 09:39 EqualSherbert6482 🚀 MarketMove will soon get featured on Altcoin Daily + listing on Coinsbit later today! 🤖

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2021.10.25 09:39 ClarenceSherman51 Avoid the income tax.

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2021.10.25 09:39 Impressive_Pair_298 What’s your favorite kind/brand of edibles and why?

I’m interested to see what else is out there; mine is Koala brand Marshmallow S’mores.
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2021.10.25 09:39 Super_Moon_Saiyan 26/M/NYC - Been Rewatching Naruto and running some League games too I guess. Keep me company!

Hey all, as the title says I’ve just been chillin rewatching Naruto (OG first then probably Shippuden again). I’m currently on Season 5, episode where Naruto / Sasuke face off one final time before Sasuke flees to Orochimaru. If you’re a Naruto fan or just want to talk anime in general I’m down for that! Fan theory discussions tend to get really interesting really fast.
Other than Naruto, I’ve been playing some League I guess, mostly normal games or low ranked (Bronze) on my beater acc. I’m not really good at it by any means (Peak Gold IV Last season) but yeah if any lower tier players want to duo Q I’d probably be down for that. I’m open to playing fill but main Top, Jg, Mid usually, Sup if not, ADC I’m not that good lol not even gonna lie
Alternatively, if you’re into cars or philosophy, space, science, or just about anything else you find interesting, feel free to hit me up and share! Ultimate goal of this post (ha goal 🥅 post, QuickPun.exe) is to make a few friends and find some new people to talk to. There’s billions out there, maybe a few mesh together with myself, potentially
If you read this far ty and Good luck
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2021.10.25 09:39 CedarRecon Tried to make something good in my hardcore smp.

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2021.10.25 09:39 TheHopefulStar Does anyone know what 70s song this is?

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2021.10.25 09:39 shanabailey DOOGEE Ares Smart Watch for 27.99 USD with coupon (Best price in history: $29.99)

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2021.10.25 09:39 AcanthisittaNo4835 Обзор. Продам 3-комнатная квартира ЖК «Taryan Towers» первая башня, дом сдан. Realtor +380636014567

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2021.10.25 09:39 ivan_thebear Animals Black Sheep

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2021.10.25 09:39 AuroPotter This town is full of monsters. How can you sit there and eat burger?

This town is full of monsters. How can you sit there and eat burger?
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2021.10.25 09:39 Recent-Property-4609 Opinion on red light device?

Basically I'm looking at Red Light unit therapy devices, I found one in Ireland where i live that id like to pick up. And as I researched harder, I found what appears to be the exact same one in the US. It's just confused me a little because the specs are slightly different on it. Does anyone know what this is. Is it the beam angle. My assuming it's using the same powerful lights and infrared lights, etc.

Note us beam angle is 30 irish one is 60. Is this why us one has higher irrandance?
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2021.10.25 09:39 Koen_1203 I wish I was born earlier

I’m a 13 yo boy, and I’m bored with my life. I wish I was born earlier kinda like my dad who’s in his 50s. I wanna get really strong, and be more responsible, get a job, but I’m still only 13 but I just want to do something. Im tired of staying at home just watching YouTube, scrolling through Reddit, ect. I’ve been thinking that it’s a lack of sense of purpose, I don’t know what I wanna do in the future. Im still really happy with many of the things I have and are available now that weren’t in the 90/00s. But yea I’m going back to school and there are finally after school activities but maybe I’ll find something I love to do in high school for the future. Please tell me what you think
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2021.10.25 09:39 RevealFresh3919 They will murder the launguge

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2021.10.25 09:39 Akuda Bubbles has decided to help me finish packing.

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2021.10.25 09:39 mlafluer help!! i just got my tongue piercing down sized at a piercing shop professionally after 2 months and i feel like it’s sinking into my tongue but when i stick my tongue out i can tell it’s just resting in the crater. what do i do. does this look bad??

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2021.10.25 09:39 FlynnPatrick Grizz Fan since 2001 and I’m hype about Ja. I’m streaming his entire career on NBA 2K22 on YouTube today!

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2021.10.25 09:39 yxnarbo Album of the Day: "Death Row," by Touched.

Any inclusive list of this sort has a beginning and an end. I'll apologize in advance for putting the chaff before the wheat as it were. The first handful of albums are at the bottom of the rankings, by definition. There's a lot of good stuff later on, I promise.
Of the 358 albums classified as some sort of metal by RYM that was released in 1986, "Death Row" by Touched is ranked number 355. With a total of 19 votes, it returned an average score of 2.47 out of five stars. As with a lot of these releases in the lower echelon of the mid-80s metal output, this release wasn't available on any conventional streaming website aside from YouTube. The video of the album is here.
The band Touched released a pair of albums. Preceding "Death Row," they put out "Back Alley Vices" in 1984. The band is comprised of Ronnie Wolstenholme on vocals, Martin Schofield on drums, Jon Hull on guitar, and Mark Caffrey on bass. The genres listed on the RYM album page are Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, and NWOBHM.

  1. Power Point: great high-tempo rocker in the vein of Judas Priest. Hull is a straight up shredder. The quality recording leaves something to be desired. If they had a decent budget this could have been a lot better.
  2. Night Attacker: The low quality recording really takes a lot out of what would otherwise be a pretty good (but not great) track.
  3. Moving On: Schofield struggles to keep up in this one, and the recording remains sub-par.
  4. When I Call Your Name: A nice start and a slower tempoed track. Hull again shows his considerable chops, but the track suffers from what sounds like excessive compression.
  5. Back Alley Vices: This track carries the name of this artists prior LP, but I don't think it's very good at that.
  6. Night of the Halloween: A by-the-numbers mid-tempo rocker, with a way-too-short Hull shred session and muddled mastering.
  7. Street Cred: Shortest song on the album and no threat to the World Order, as it were. Not bad though, not exactly.
  8. Through the Night: Sounds like it was written and recorded by a group who thought that Foghat was just too funky.
  9. Death Row: The voice-over at the beginning along with the church organ is just stupid imo. The longest track on the LP, the recording quality remains the same, as does Hull's solid guitar work.
I award Four Halloween style styrofoam grave markers out of 10 for this effort, just in time for the spookiest holiday and in honor of their sixth track, "Night of the Halloween." I'm not sure what "A Halloween" is, but it's nearly the night for it anyway.
If you want to follow along with me, tomorrow's disc is "The Final Conflict," by Vodu.
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2021.10.25 09:39 primotrez TyFontaine - Good Life (feat. Lil Tecca) [rap]

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2021.10.25 09:39 Kronos666666 The “yes” under proper footwear is red, just like the text for “no.”

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2021.10.25 09:39 A_Person69 Giegue draws near

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2021.10.25 09:39 Bails147 Ros h2h

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2021.10.25 09:39 Theoretical_Nerd Just got my first downvotes on Reddit is 4 years for saying a man shouldn’t send his female attacker to the hospital

I don’t really care about downvotes. It just articulates to me how much men on Reddit care about equal rights… when it comes to shoving their fists in our faces.
In an ideal world, no one would hit anyone. But they do, unfortunately. I do think that if a woman attacks a man, she shouldn’t expect to not get hit back in self-defense. But that’s just it. Self-defense. A lot of these videos you see have the man going completely overboard. There’s a line you just don’t cross if you’re trying to defend yourself.
Some people said it’s sexist because I’m “putting all responsibility on the man”, but honestly, it works both ways; the responsibility is on the defender. A super buff woman shouldn’t be pummeling a skinny man if he attacks her. A larger guy shouldn’t be putting a smaller guy in the hospital. Some were trying to put me in the man’s shoes. “Your anger just boils over”. Okay, yeah, I don’t expect you to not do anything in an attack. I expect you to not cross the line to attempted murder.
It’s just… men on Reddit will fight all day long about men vs women. How women have it easy and it’s really the men who have all of the issues. But when it comes to hitting women, now they’re all for “equal rights”.
No matter what I said it wouldn’t convince them. Some guy asked if it would be okay for a woman to hit a man if he just slapped her once. In retaliation sure, that’s a normal response, but she shouldn’t be punching, slapping and scratching in response. That’s not self-defense. That crosses a line. But apparently it was still the wrong thing to say.
I wish men knew that we want to work with them. We want equality for everyone in this world. But Redditors are hard to talk to.
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