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2021.10.25 11:04 Lionstorm1 Not getting paid on time - Australia

Hey u/antiwork
I've been having issues at this pre seed starup I have been working at as an engineer. The boss doesn't pay up for months on end even though I've expressed my concern multiple times and my need to get paid on time. This has been going on for over a year now and im not sure how to go about things.
Wanting to quit but there aren't a lot of options as an international student working as an engineer in Australia due to work restrictions. Any sort of advice would be appreciated because this workplace is mentally tolling.
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2021.10.25 11:04 bullyegg Almanac - Leading Candidates For Mayor of Minneapolis Debate - Twin Cities PBS

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2021.10.25 11:04 roosterkun What separates the functionality of HDMI and USB cables?

Obviously I'm aware that HDMI transmits picture, while USB charges and transfers other information, but I'm curious why there isn't one cable capable of doing both. These two are the most ubiquitous cables in existence at the moment, and have both replaced VGA, DVI, Firewire, etc. It seems odd that I cannot (for example) run a single cable from my desktop PC to my computer monitor for it to remain powered (USB) and function as a display (HDMI).
Is this simply a case of not being able to develop a universal standard, or is there something more fundamental to why these two cannot be merged?
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2021.10.25 11:04 Meow_mew_mew Bug,i think

On mobile,why is the cosmetics and in-game shop so laggy when i open it?everytime i open the in-game shop when i am at 100k score,my page reloads.Is this my problem or the games?
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2021.10.25 11:04 beerpitass Does it sound like this girl has a boyfriend?

I have this co-worker whom I've been crushing on and I've been trying to ask her out, but today I heard something that's been living in my head rent-free for the past few hours.
Me, this girl, and one of our managers were working over in the Halloween section of our store and my manager asked this girl if she was dressing up for Halloween. I couldn't quite make out what my crush said, but then my manager asked if she was doing a couples costume, which I interpreted as her and a significant other doing a costume pairing together. Here's a little excerpt of the conversation:
Manager: "So are you dressing up for Halloween?"
Crush: (Indistinct)
Manager: "So are you doing a couples costume?"
Crush: "No, why?"
Manager: "I only asked because my two sons like to dress up and do costumes together."
That's the basic gist of what I heard. When I hear "couples costume" I think of people dating and wearing a matching costume together, but I think that my manager might've been referring to my crush and her sister. I know for a fact that my crush and her sister rent an apartment together. My crush's Facebook still says that she's single and she appears to be fairly active on FB.
So what do you think? I've never heard the term "couples costume" used in reference to siblings dressing up together and I'm thinking that maybe the case with my crush and her sister. I'm worried that her "couples costume" might be in reference to her and a significant other. What do you think?
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2021.10.25 11:04 Foxbat40 The Devine Demon {Chapter 70}

“Oh I almost forgot.” Lilith said as she turned back over her length and approached Celeste. “Can you give this to Wendel before he heads back to Daggerford? It is a present for Bindi.” she asked as she undid the scabbard from her belt and handed the blue and silver Elvin Rapier to her friend.
“Sure, I want to see him before he leaves anyways. In fact, I will call him right now.” Celeste said before she waved goodbye to Lilith and began to cast Sending.
Seeing her friends head dip and her eyes close Lilith said goodbye and went up the stairs and stopped in the entryway of the tower. There she too decided to cast Sending, realizing it was far easier to call him rather than try to go to young paladin. “Brother Feldin can you grab both packs for you and Amon and meet me at the Cathedral entrance ready to go on our mission?” She said in a hasty tone as she felt her mind connect to his.
“Yes, I will be there I just have to return this horse first.” He said in his reply.
Lilith rolled her eyes even though she knew he couldn’t see her. ‘Wish I could ride a horse’ she thought to herself. She then went into the dining hall and looked for some food for the Two Paladins that she could take on the road with them. The best she could find were the biscuits. She got four of them wrapped up in wax paper and put them in her Satchel. She then took a piece of ham for herself and ate it quickly before heading to the Cathedral.
At the Cathedral Entrance Lilith saw Father Trendel and Brother Amon waiting. “So where are we going and who is going to teleport us there?” she asked.
“We are going to…...” Amon said before Father Trendel held up a hand. He then motioned for them to move back inside the Cathedral in order to speak.
Once inside the Cathedral Lilith moved her tail to the side so as not to trip anyone before repeating her question.
“We are going to Yartar and then heading north to a tomb that is under Flint Rock. So we will need horses once we get there.” Amon said in a serious tone.
“Ok but who is going to teleport us there?” she asked.
“I will, since you are in a ‘hurry’.” Father Trendel said as he gave Lilith a nod.
“Now all we need is Feldin.” Lilith said
“And our packs.” Amon added.
A few of the faithful gave Lilith an odd look. Feeling this was a bit odd she was taken a back until she realized just how big the two snakes on her shoulders were. Noticing the odd looks Father Trendel looked at Lilith to see what she was thinking.
“I must look like a medusa with these things resting on my shoulders.” she quipped.
“I don’t know, maybe if you put a few more up there.” Father Trendel said jokingly.
“You were right it is a nice hat.” Noodle One said to Noodle Two before he looked at Father Trendel and bobbed his head.
“What does that mean, when he shakes his head up and down like that?” The Father asked.
“I think it means he agrees. It is a nice hat after all.”
Just then Brother Feldin ran up in full armor, carrying both backpacks. “Sorry I had to get the key for Amon’s room.” he said as he sputtered for breath.
“Oh ya I forgot about that. I should have given it to Lilith. Well good job making it, Father Trendel was just telling us that we were going to Yartar and then north to Flint Rock.” Amon said as he took one of the packs from him.
“Yes, now Lilith, people are going to treat you differently in Yartar. The area is on the frontier and the settlements are often attacked by trolls or Yuan-ti or any number of monsters or demons. There also is a lot of banditry and only a loose government. They won’t have any record of your title nor are they likely to have heard of your deeds yet. We will be teleporting into a temple to Tymora so be sure to give her a coin or two before you leave. Are there any questions?”
“How will we find Flint Rock?” Lilith asked as she still felt unprepared for their sudden departure.
“I have a map and we looked up a description of the burial mound before we left the office.” Amon said as gave Lilith a pat on the shoulder making the Noodles shake around a bit.
“Then if there are no more questions put a hand on my shoulder and stand close.” Father Trendel said as he turned to face the Holy Symbol of Lathander at the far end of the Cathedral. He felt two gauntleted hands hit his shoulders and then he waited for Lilith. She had to place her hand between his two wings on the center of his back after coiling her length in close.
“Ready.” She said.
Father Trendel then recited the rune words for Teleport and the world became an out of focus blur. They were hurtled at incredible speed over mountains forests and fields. Then they descended going to the intersection of two mighty rivers and the town nestled between them. They stopped moving just as suddenly as they had began and found themselves standing on a glowing set of magical runes. The room well lit from below but he glowing runes soon faded. The two paladins walked out of the teleportation room first while Lilith stayed behind to memorize the rune word sequence for the location.
Amon, Feldin and Father Trendel walked out of the room and he began to give the paladins some last minute instructions as the priest of Tymora came over.
Lilith saw them handing a gold coin to her each so she took out a coin from her coin purse as well after reaching into her satchel. As she exited the teleportation room several of the parishioners yelled and screamed ‘Demon’ and they began to run along with the priest who only paused slightly as the Father and the Brother’s tried to assure her that everything was fine.
“I really should go invisible now shouldn’t I?” Lilith asked as she stood there holding a gold coin in one hand with two large cobras on her shoulders. Her red eyes gleamed brightly in the dim room and she tossed her head back and forth making her bright red hair swing into her familiars.
“Yes, we will meet you just outside the north gate after we get some horses.” Amon said.
“And I will head back to Waterdeep. Till the new dawn, may his light be upon you.” Father Trendel said as he took the gold coin from Lilith and placed it on the altar. He then went back into the teleportation room and vanished after he spoke a few words.
Lilith cast invisibility on herself as both the paladins ran out of the temple yelling “Demon!” at the top of their lungs. Lilith laughed to herself at the absurdity of it all as she slid out the doors and down the street completely unseen. She then lost sight of Brothers Amon and Feldin as they were running quite fast. Then four guards came up the street with the priest of Tymora walking behind them. Lilith just stood to the side as they passed running towards the temple which was now empty. She then looked up at the sun to try and get her bearings but found that it was pretty close to noon. Seeing that the sun should be slightly to the south she went away from it hoping that she was on the right track.
Lilith moved away from the temple and soon found herself on a street that had a few markets. The street was made of dirt and was slightly muddy as if a rain had fallen the previous day. Then she noticed the smooth path she was leaving behind and let a curse word slip out. “Ah Crap.” She changed her stance to pull her coils in close and then began jumping 100’ at a time to open spots as she saw them on the narrow streets. When she landed close to a merchant who was busy carrying some boxes she said to him “Which way to the North gate.” From behind.
He nodded his head to the right and said “That way” as he kept walking, never looking over his shoulder.
Lilith had in fact been heading in the right direction all along. After a few more jumps she was through the North gate and she moved off the dirt road and onto the grass where she wouldn’t leave any marks or prints.
There she waited just her and the Two Noodles. Three snakes hiding in the long grass.
After about an hour, the two paladins exited the North gate riding two horses. They were large and brown and looked like they were made to withstand the colder climate even though it was summer time right now.
Lilith spoke into Amon’s mind as he rode past. “Took you long enough. I will follow you up the road till we are out of sight of the gate guards.”
Amon just nodded and picked up the pace a little, giving Feldin a knowing look and a nod. Lilith jumped forward staying on the grass until they were well away from the gate. Then she jumped ahead of the horses and canceled her invisibility. She held up both her hands to try and get the horses to stop but they did the complete opposite instead.
When the horses saw her they let out a whinnied and turned sideways to gallop off the road and away. The two men who just purchased the horses a few minutes before tried to steady them and brought them to a halt about 60’ away as Lilith stayed still in the road her face turning to an expression of confusion and embarrassment.
“Damn it Lilith you could of got us killed.” Amon complained as she struggled to keep his horse under control.
“Ya sorry I forgot. Horses don’t like me now.” she said rubbing the back of her neck.
“Fine just some warning would be nice.” Amon complained as he tried to coax the horse back onto the dirt road and close to Lilith. Lilith just stayed still while the Noodles kept their heads hidden under her red hair.
“See they aren’t that afraid of me.” She said but the horses pulled away again as soon as her tail moved.
“I think you had better stay behind us. Or else these horses might just die of a heart attack or throw us.” Feldin said as he brought his horse back onto the road for the second time.
“Ok, I will be behind you, just give me the run down of where we are going in case we get separated.” She said as she moved off to the side of the dirt road.
“We are going North on the Nesme road until it gets close to a set of hills on the East side. Then we are going up to the highest peak in the middle of those hills to Flint Rock. Under one of the cairn stones we will find a tomb entrance.” Amon said before he began to move his horse down the road again with the reigns.
“I think I got it. North then go to the right, stone on top of the highest hill.” Lilith said as she watched both the paladins go past her. She then began to slide behind them on the muddy road.
They traveled this way for about two hours the muddy road eventually drying out and turning back to dirt and gravel. The grasslands also turned into scattered trees and then a forest as the city of Yartar was now well behind them and out of view. The paladins Feldin and Amon rode along on their new horses passing the time by talking about old stories and legends from the ‘time of troubles’.
Their current quest seemed like an easy one, guide a divine demon from another plane of existence to a holy sword made of radiant energy. As they rode along Lilith watched them from a distance. She had abandoned the dirt and gravel road and begun snaking through the forest that lined the road on both sides. From about 100 feet behind and off to the side of the two paladins she watched and kept pace as they traveled North. They seemed to have forgotten about her as they were engrossed in their conversation. The two of them were also unaware of the twenty bandits waiting in ambush in front of them. Lilith stopped when she spotted the first of the bandits but said nothing.
Twenty of them rushed out and surrounded the two riders. Both paladins looked behind them expecting to see Lilith but instead they saw only more highwaymen.
“Do the lot of you fancy cold steel for Lunch” Brother Amon said as he drew his sword and readied his shield.
The bandits had come prepared though. They had two halberds and two spears ready to hook and stab the paladins if they tried to ride past or charge them.
Most of the other bandits had only a longsword or a shortsword. The bandit leader who carried a shield and longsword then spoke up, “100 gold and the two of you can be on your way. Don’t make us pull you off of there.”
It was a carefully calculated amount. It would get 5 gold for each bandit and the well outfitted paladins could obviously afford it.
Amon gave Feldin a hand signal from behind his shield and began dismounting his horse. Feldin quickly followed and the bandits relaxed thinking they were about to get paid. The two paladins dismounted towards each other away from the bandits.
At nearly the same time Amon and Feldin slapped the rear of their horses yelling “Yaa!” and began to cast defensive spells.
“[Cul] [Na] [Pre] [Du]” and “[Don] [Vel] [Sen]” sounded out ash they each cast Holy Shield and Bless as the bandits made way allowing the horses to pass.
Their swords and shields started to glow in a yellow light and the two paladins began blocking the near instant barrage of attacks. Some blocked by shield, some by sword. They moved quickly and with purpose fighting back to back as their horses galloped away down the road.
The pike man tried to hook Amon’s leg but he stepped forward and slammed his armored boot down on the shaft breaking it. A spear then got past his guard but it deflected off his chest plate. Feldin had better luck and dodged a blow completely allowing him to quickly stab one of the bandits in the chest drawing first blood. The bandits had leather armor but it was no match for the tip of an enchanted and blessed blade.
Amon seeing that he needed to even the odds a bit more parried a spear thrust and stepped into his attacker punching him with the guard of his weapon then kicking the man against another bandit forcing the two of them to fall to the ground in a heap. Now surrounded Amon took a sword from behind. It dented his armor slightly bud alerted him to the threat. Sensing the danger he rolled back towards Feldin, not wanting to leave his partner’s back exposed for too long. Regaining his footing he now only faced 8 opponents instead of 10. Still not good odds but it was something to work with.
Feldin struck at the side of another over eager attacker and called on Lathander to smite this foe. A rush of holy energy surged through his blade as it met the leather armor and broke the ribs of his opponent and cut into one of his lungs. A spear glanced off his chest and Feldin struck it with his still glowing blade cutting it in two. He blocked two more blows with his shield and advanced swinging his sword. One poorly made shortsword gave way sending metal shards into the bandit’s face followed swiftly by Feldin’s blade.
The two fallen bandits got back up and began to rejoin the fight one going towards Amon the other towards Feldin.
Amon clutched his holy symbol and a bright light emanated from it. The light blinded 5 of the bandits who had been looking directly at him. They staggered back clutching their eyes, some of them dropping their weapons for the time being. Amon then pushed his advantage attacking the flank of a spear-man who had no one on his right side to help defend him. The paladin slapped his spear away with this shield and brought his blade down on his neck. Amon advanced forward allowing the bandit who once had a pike to attack him with a shortsword so that he could side step it and bring his own sword down disarming him for the second time today. This time it involved a bit more blood as his right arm was severed just below the elbow.
The blinded bandits regained their senses and began to pick up their weapons again. Amon and Feldin were now separated and would soon be surrounded by the 16 remaining brigands.
Seeing this Lilith decided to intervene. She had been curious as to the skill of her guides and now had her answers. She teleported behind the bandits north of the paladins and slashed at two of them with her great sword. Having very little meaningful armor the two bandits were cleaved in half by the enchanted adamantine blade. Letting her spin continue she swept her tail under two more bandits causing them to fall on their backs in an almost comical fashion. Drawing her coils in she spun until she was facing the two bandits she had knocked down, stopping her spin with the tip of her sword digging into the road. Pushing off she advanced over the two bandits and began to grapple them with her tail as another bandit disengaged from Feldin and turned to face her.
Amon rushed forward stepping on a longsword before the once blinded bandit leader could pick it up running him through in the same process. He kicked another man down who was still struggling to see and turned to face the 5 attackers still focused on him. Seeing a series of halved bandit bodies fly through the air and a giant snake shaped person spinning like a dervish Amon let a smile show on his face for just a second as he knew the battle was won.
“Where have you been?” Amon exclaimed as Feldin ran another bandit through the gut.
“You know when nature calls.” Lilith said as she crushed the two bandits she had grappled into red paste.
With the sickening sound of crushed bones still in the air, the bandits began running East and West into the forest, most of them dropping their weapons so they could run faster.
“Halt or die!” Feldin said loud enough for the whole forest to hear him.
Lilith gave Feldin a knowing look.
Two of the injured bandits stopped running immediately preferring to receive healing from the paladins rather than bleeding out in the woods.
Lilith teleported forward just in front of a bandit using his own momentum to cut him on her blade.
A rather bright bandit tried to mount one of the horses just down the road. Instead the horse turned away and kicked the man in the chest sending him flying.
Lilith continued to cut down the fleeing bandits until she lost sight of two of them and returned to the bandit lying on his back near the horses. She stood over the bandit making herself over 7’ tall and said “The rope or the blade outlaw which would you prefer?” with a wicked smile on her face and two glowing red eyes.
The bandit extended his arm upwards and said “I don’t want the blade. I am sure of that.”
“Good” Lilith quipped.
Lilith grabbed his wrist in a way that prevented his hand from grasping her arm. Much to the bandit’s surprise rather than help him up she began to drag him back down the road to the other captured bandits like a sack of potatoes. She looked down at the man’s leather armor and the horse shoe imprint clearly visible in it’s center and began laughing. The four men in the distance looked up at her as she approached them laughing, sack of potatoes in hand. She deposited the bandit in front of the other two and said in a smooth calm voice. “Stay down and don’t move”
“What’s so funny?” Amon asked.
“Look at his chest one of your horses got in on the action.”
“Well I’ll be damned!” Amon exclaimed.
Amon treated the bandit’s injuries while cursing at the waste of it all. ‘So many lives thrown away’ he thought. He was also dreading the conversation he was going to have with Lilith. He needed to know she was dependable in a fight and wouldn’t run off at the first convenient time once they were in the dungeon together.
Feldin called the two horses back over with a loud whistle and began retrieving the ropes and manacles needed for the three prisoners. One of them was missing the better part of an arm so manacles wouldn’t work on him. Once their injuries were treated they were shackled and stood up one at a time. Their hands behind their back for two of them while one of them had his hand tied to his belt. The three prisoners were then tied together in a string and anchored to a tree. Then the weapons worth salvaging were collected and bundled up on one of the horses. Only 4 longswords were worth picking up. The others were thrown into the forest. The two paladins then began moving the bodies to the side of the road laying them next to each other like a horizontal lineup.
With the immediate work done, Brother Amon turned back to the divine demon with a fire in his eye. “What the hell was that Lilith?”
“What?” Lilith asked utterly surprised.
“Where did you go. Why did you leave us to face 20 bandits alone?” Amon barked.
“I didn’t leave you I was watching from forest.” Lilith tried to deflect.
“Watching is not the same as helping.” Feldin added.
“We need to be able to depend on you if we are going to go into that damned dungeon together. …. Many of our brethren have died down there. It is no joke!” Amon exclaimed.
“I know I know! Ok they surprised me too. And I haven’t seen paladins fight before so I wanted to see what you could do. That way I don’t lead you into some kind of danger you can’t handle. They were just bandits and I came to help as soon as I saw you two were separated.” she said in a matter of fact tone.
“So you were watching closely.” Feldin said uncrossing his arms.
“Yes and both of you were doing quite well till then.” Lilith said approaching them slightly.
“We did give them a good bashing didn’t we?” Amon unclenched his fist and let a smile show on his face.
“Ya that was smart not to fight from the horses they could have been injured or the bandits might have pulled you off before you would have got up any speed.” Lilith said now smiling too.
“How far did you teleport in from?” Feldin asked.
“About 150’ but I think I jumped 200’ to get one of the fleeing bandits.” Lilith said proudly.
“I understand you came in to help as soon as Feldin and I got separated but what I don’t get is why you weren’t traveling with us on the road?” Amon asked with a more serious tone.
“Well if she was with us there is no way the bandits would have attacked and they would just have gotten the next civilians to come down the road.” Feldin added.
“But she said they surprised her too….. So she didn’t even know they were there.” Amon retorted.
The two paladins turned to Lilith with confused looks on their faces.
Lilith looked away from them her cheeks blushing “Well its kinda embarrassing guys I don’t really want to explain.”
“Look Lilith, we are brothers in arms, you have nothing to be embarrassed about. You can tell us.” Amon explained in as comforting a voice as he could manage.
“Well its hard traveling long distance in this form. Its more humiliation than I can bear..And I would thank you both if you could be more considerate in the future.” She stared at them her cheeks just as red as her glowing eyes.
“Ok but whats so humiliating?” Amon asked.
“Well do you know where my sensitive parts are?” she pointed at her tail. “After 3 hours on a dirt road the sand was getting to places it shouldn’t so I decided to try moving through the forest… And it was SO MUCH BETTER!!” she said in an over exaggerated voice.
The two paladins stood there frozen in disbelief at what they had just heard.
“I could even move faster and had no trouble keeping up with the horses since I could push off the trees. You know I get dizzy if I teleport too much, I think my inner ear gets confused.” she said pointing at the side of her head.
The two men turned away still too embarrassed to speak to her. “What do you want to do with the prisoners?” Feldin asked eager to change the subject.
“We can’t take em with us, its too dangerous… for them.” Amon said nodding his head in the direction of the three bandits.
“Well, we aren’t that far from town.” Brother Feldin offered.
“Hey guys you want me to scare them straight?” Lilith asked coming over to join their little huddle turning her back to the prisoners.
“Do you think it will work?” Feldin ask, seeming a bit hopeful for any solution that didn’t involve backtracking for 3 hours.
“Oh ya I think I can scare them and send them back to town at record speed.”
“Ok, give it a try Lils, but don’t hurt them.” Amon said as he gave her a pat on the shoulder.
Lilith nodded and turned around, “Hey Noodles come on out.” Lilith Said directly into the mind of Noodle One. The two snakes then came out of the forest where she had told them to hide when the ambush began. Seeing her familiars cross the road she slid back over to the three prisoners with a giant smile on her face.
“You three, we are going to make a deal. I can’t follow you back to town. I have a mission out here in the wild lands. But these two they can follow you back to where ever you go and while you are sleeping they can finish you off.”
“Noodles wrap around these guys a few times and stare at them in the eyes for a bit.” Lilith said into the mind of Noodle One before he relayed the same message to Noodle Two. Lilith watched as her familiars wrapped around the two uninjured prisoners and hooded up only two feet away from their faces as they hung from around their shoulders and neck.
“We will let you go if you promise to give up your life of banditry and get honest jobs in Yartar. And these friendly little guys will follow you and make sure you keep your end of the bargain. What do you think? Can you promise us that you will go straight?”
“Yes ma’am we promise.”
“We promise.”
“I think my robin days are over.” The man with one hand exclaimed.
“Your damned right they are over!” She said with gritted teeth. “Now you tried to steal our horse didn’t you?” Lilith asked as she said into Noodle One’s mind “Back away and stand at my side but look tall.” The noodles then did just as she said after a short delay as Noodle One relayed the message.
“Yes but I was really scared at the time. I just wanted to get away from you, I didn’t want to get cut down.”
“What part of ‘you run you die’ didn’t you understand.” Lilith asked looking at the cowering man who just shook his head. “Uhuh….. Well that horse saved your life. But since it would be rude to leave you here without a horse, you will have to make due.” Lilith threatened as she undid all their manacles with the Knock spell. With the manacles released they fell to the ground along with the ropes binding the three prisoners together which had been run between the chains and the third man’s good arm. Lilith then pulled the prisoner forward who had the imprint of a horse shoe on his chest. She then spoke the rune words for Polymorph and turned him into a horse. He fell forward onto all four hooves while his eyes bulged and he looked in all directions. If a horse could look more confused and surprised than this one Lilith wouldn’t believe it. The other two prisoners instinctively backed away from her and the horse. “Hey don’t run this is your ride back to town.” She said pointing a finger at the uninjured prisoner and the one armed bandit.
“What did you do to Frank?” he asked.
“Here let me get that hand free.” Lilith offered as she moved forward quickly and undid the knot holding the injured man’s hand to his belt. Now all three of them were completely free from their bindings. “Now get on the horse and ride back to town. Get an honest job, any job, just don’t go robbing people. Unless you want these guys to pay you a visit.” Lilith said with a wicked smile. Before she looked at the horse and spoke into his mind. “Now take them to town. You will be fine in three hours or so.” She then backed up a bit and used her hands to gesture towards the horse and back towards town.
The two men got on the horse. A maneuver made a bit more difficult considering there was no saddle and one of them was missing a hand, but they manged. Then the horse started trotting to the south without any prodding or verbal commands by its riders.
Lilith slid back to the Paladins with an ‘I told you so’ grin on her face as she seemed to be chewing on her bottom lip.
“How long is he going to be a horse?” Amon asked.
“Who knows?” Lilith responded flippantly. “Lets get going.”
“Haven’t you learned anything Lilith we need to burn the bodies first.” Amon scolded.
“Heh ya right, Its a good thing you are with me this time Amon. Ok one flaming orb coming up.” Lilith said as she cast Flaming Sphere and began using it to burn all the bodies to ash.
“You know those three guys could make up a story and say a demon murdered 15 of their hunting band and ask for charity when they get back to town.” Feldin said with a thumb pointed south down the road.
“Ya that’s why I will be watching them.” Lilith said as she held up a button from one of their shirts before she stored it in her satchel.
“Oh and what are you going to do if they do start spreading lies?”
“That's between me and Lathander. Just remind me to check on them in three hours.” Lilith said as she pointed at Amon.
“Can we talk now Ms. Devine?” Noodle One asked telepathically.
“Yes its just us now. Lilith said as she canceled the flaming sphere, it having finished the grim work.
“Why did you let them go? We could have had a horse for each of us to ride on.” Noodle one asked looking at Lilith pointedly.
“What I’m not a good enough transportation method for you?” she scolded.
“It is fine ma’am but you aren’t like a horse.” he lamented.
Lilith now finally glad to not be compared to a horse decided to reward the Noodles. “Hey Amon, Feldin, Is it ok If I make the Noodles invisible and they ride on the horses with you, like on your backpacks?”
“Sure I don’t see why not.” Amon said while Feldin nodded.
Lilith then made the two snakes invisible and they gladly went over to the paladins and tapped on their legs with their chins. Soon they were both picked up and placed on the backpacks which were strapped to the rear of the horses.
And so they carried on, Lilith moving through the trees just off the road and the two paladins and two snakes riding horses North into the wildlands East of the river Surbrin. After another four hours the sun started to go down and the group stopped to make camp for the night. The paladins each had a sheet of 10’ x 10’ canvas and they place one on the ground under their bed rolls and one above them attached by each corner to a different tree. Lilith gave the bread from her satchel to the paladins while her and the Noodles did not eat. Instead Lilith looked at the night sky for the first time on this world and noticed the different colors of each star and the field of debris around the moon. They seemed to hang there as if frozen in time, floating with the moon they were broken off from. The forest was occasionally filled with the odd hoot or howl but she had nothing to be afraid of.
Then Amon reminded her and Lilith Scryed on the button of the bandit they had captured and released. He was at the Temple of Tymora sweeping the sanctuary. He pushed a pile of dust out the door and off into the flower bed. He then went inside and told his story to anyone that would listen about how they tried to rob two paladins but were cut down by a Demon with red hair. The priest of Tymora heard this and began to speak to him at length. Lilith listened in as the priest told him of the Demon of Daggerford and how lucky he was to be alive. Apparently the priest had contacted someone and heard about her since their impromptu 100 yard dash earlier in the day. Then Lilith heard the bandits name as the priest spoke to him. It was Miles. She continued watching until the priest went back to her duties elsewhere. Then she canceled the spell and cast Sending, still holding the button and focusing on the name Miles. “That is a good place for you, with the goddess of luck. Keep telling the truth and learn to serve instead of take and your luck may just hold out.”
No reply came back which did not surprise her at all.
Meanwhile the Brothers had cleaned their armor and swords and said some prayers to Lathander.
Lilith and the noodles would sleep only 15’ away from the Brothers after she used mold earth to make a flat area free of sticks and branches. Sure she was sleeping on dirt but it was soft dirt and that was all her scales cared about. She coiled up with her upper body on top of her lower body sleeping on a bed made of her own scales. Lilith fell into a deep sleep until her eyes opened unexpectedly. She saw the trees and the starry sky, she heard the voice of Lathander speaking to her as the night sky spun overhead.
“So you have started turning mercury into gold. I am glad you have taken an interest in them just as I have.” The kind voice said from every direction around her. Still unable to move or speak Lilith just stared up at the stars. She knew they weren’t real stars but they were still just as beautiful. “I hope you will see the value in each of them, so many possibilities for both brutality and redemption. Now take this gift it will help you find what you seek but you must know what to ask for. So now I tell you, ask for a sword made of light and fire, and you shall find it.” The last part seemed to echo even though the forest tended to deaden all sounds. Lilith lie there frozen staring at the stars until she felt her eyes grow heavy and shut.
She awoke slowly the next morning as Amon got up and started a fire with what tinder they had brought with them While Feldin was out finding more. Lilith heard the crack and pop of the wood as it caught fire and then was awoken by the smell of smoke. The wind had blown in her direction and seeing her rise Amon apologized but said it was time for her to get up anyways. Lilith had slept in her armor and didn’t need to eat so there wasn’t much for her to do while the two paladins made their own breakfast from dried potato starch and water. After it was hot they added some dried meat that soaked up the water and added some flavor to the mix.
Lilith made sure to sit far away not wanting her apatite to be stirred by the smells. Instead she went through her spell codex after she remembered the message from Lathander. She looked through the codex for something new but didn’t see it at first. After five minutes she spotted the new one [Locate Object]. She then read out the function of the rune words to see what it could do. ‘The caster thinks of an object they have seen in detail and is able to sense its direction and distance up to 1000’ away. The caster may also designate a type of object receive the same information on the closest object of that type’.
‘So its a sword made of fire and light that should stand out in a dark dungeon.’ Lilith thought to herself.
Lilith then checked herself over making sure she hadn’t suddenly grown horns or a second tail or some other ridiculous thing before she placed a hand around her Holy Symbol and said “Thank you.”
Now that it was light again Lilith noticed the sizable hills hiding just behind the trees on the other side of the road. “Oh wow we are really close to the hills now. Lilith said as she pointed at them in the distance. The horses were hobbled and grazing on some grass by the road. The paladins were still eating their food so she decided to try and befriend the two animals.
She moved up to them slowly and tried to speak to them with her mind. They seemed startled at first and turned away. But she said again to them that she meant them no harm and they seemed to be accepting of the fact that a gentle voice was speaking into their minds. She could only speak to one at a time so she spoke to them in turns. But no matter what she did they wouldn’t let her approach and kept turning their backs on her. Then it occurred to her what the solution might be. “Don’t worry my friend I won’t try to ride you I know that I am too large.” she said to both of them in turn. This got an immediate response as the horses turned back towards her and even walked a bit closer. Finally they stood still as Lilith approached and she was able to pet them on the nose and forehead. They still made noises each time her tail moved as they found it unnatural but they didn’t run and even went back to grazing.
Lilith went back to camp and saw that the Paladins were putting up their mess kits and taking down their shelter. Soon they were all packed and ready to go. Lilith made the Noodles invisible again and the Paladins put them on their horses just as the day before.
They spent the whole day riding directly towards the hills. The going was tougher for the horses as the slope increased but Lilith had trouble too anytime there was loose soil. They stopped for lunch and the paladins ate more dried meats. Then they continued on, their view getting more and more spectacular as they got higher into the hills. Lilith began to realize these were more like small mountains than hills as the ridges of some had exposed rock. Then when the day still had about three hours of sun left she saw them, the stone structures on the highest hill. They were gray stone and had rough edges as if they were made with simple tools many thousands of years ago. They were arranged in a circle and there was a mound in center. Lilith jumped ahead arriving inside the circle some 200 yards ahead of Amon and Feldin. The area was covered in green grass that stood in stark contrast to the dark gray stones. Lilith moved around the perimeter looking for anything that was different that might indicate an opening to the tomb they were looking for.
The stones were large and buried partway into the soil. Then Lilith saw an animal and then another. A pair of Elk were watching her as she moved around the stone structures. Once they realized they had been spotted they ran off only moments before the Paladins approached on horseback. Figuring this was as good a time as any, Lilith cast Locate Object and focused on the word Tomb Opening as she cast the spell. After only a moment Lilith felt a pull to her right and moved in that direction. Then as she moved the pull grew weaker and weaker until it faded completely as she stood next to a large flat stone that was hidden by a slight rise in the hill.
“Over here.” Lilith called out as she started to inspect the stone slab.
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I picked up the current season the other day and wanted to get stuck into the Wayfinder's Voyage stuff but the game itself feels absurdly obtuse as to what I'm supposed to be doing and even looking up stuff online, I'm super confused.
My compass is rank 2 currently, and it awarded me the Iota Draconis weapon. According to stuff online, I should now seek out Ascendant Anchors but nowhere I go to in the EDZ has them appear.
Also of note I still don't have the Wayfinder's Voyage I quest complete so I'm not exactly sure what I'm missing there.
Any pointers in the right direction would be appreciated, it's probably something super obvious I'm missing.
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